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Astrological Counseling

Psychological astrology goes way beyond weekly horoscopes. It’s a deep system that shows to the individual who they really are, their strong and week sides, what improvements can be made based on the traits of their character and what things better be avoided in life. Astrology is called “The X-Ray of the Soul” because it shows the inside-outs of your nature and thus, the better you know yourself, the better choices you make.

Astrological consultation can either be taken as a single session or as a coaching process, i.e. several meetings with each dedicated to a different theme based on individual astrological map. You’ll need to know your date, time and place of birth in order to calculate your natal chart.

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Couple Relationships and Family Counseling

Humans succeed best when placed in a proper social environment. Moreover, we are programmed to create such environment for ourselves. That’s the reason why most of the people choose not to be alone, but form relationships, especially those based on love and intimacy. Thus, relationships can either be a source of joy and happiness in life, if successful. Or, if not, they can be the emotional abyss of dissatisfaction. I consult the singles interested to find a partner, the couples striving to improve their love life or resolve conflicts, as well as the couples with kids – who want to bridge connections with their little ones, but lack the tools or the know-how.

Your natal astrological chart shows what relationship types, as well personalities of people suit you the best to make you happy in your love life.

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Career and Work Counseling

Job, be that contract employment, freelancing or own business, consumes most of our waking hours. Not only does it take a good bulk of our present, it also takes a good bulk of our future since people tend to think about their future development in terms of career, monetary income, retirement, and so on. It’s only natural that the fields of career, employment and business open a lot of opportunities for personal growth, though by frequently making us deal with difficult issues. And it’s very beneficial not to deal with these issues alone, but with the assistance of a professional in the field of self-development and self-growth, in order to make the best out of each situation.

In the astrological chart there are three sectors which reflect our professional inclinations (6th house), the ability to build own business and run one and in what field (10th house) and the ways to earn money money (2nd house).

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Emotional Coaching based on Astrological Chart

Your natal chart shows what emotional issues you are most prone to experience. Moreover, it shows what's happening in your life at this period and how you can deal with it in a most efficient way without sacrificing your comfort.

This type of counseling deals with emotional issues and internal conditions, such as stress, fear, anxiety and lack of self-confidence and self-value. And since coaching is all about goals reaching, the above mentioned conditions are being considered not only by themselves, but primarily as an obstruction of the way of reaching your goals, thus helping you adapt practical approach to dealing with them.

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Holistic Counseling & Coaching

Interpretation of the astrological chart combines taking into account many factors, because each human being is a “whole” and more than frequently, one thing leads to another, revealing pretty interesting and unexpected connections between miscellaneous life fields as well as internal conditions, moods and motivations of an individual. These connections are very well trackable via the means of the astrological chart.


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