Below are lectures and seminars which I currently deliver, in addition to private counseling. All lectures are delivered in a welcoming atmosphere with questions, answers and discussion.

v2 How to deal with failures. Can failures make us stronger and how?
v2 Happiness and achievements. What you REALLY need to achieve to be happy.
v2 The secrets of Astrology. What happens when destiny meets the free will and how astrology can help us.
v2 Happy relationships. Do and dont's of happy couples
v2 5 ways to resolve conflicts. How to stop conflicts from poisoning your life.
v2 How to love yourself (and make others fall in love with you)
v2 Raising happy children. Do and dont's of being a parent.
v2 Fighting fears. Understanding fears and how to deal with them.
v2 Self-confidence. How it can be developed and become part of you forever.
v2 How do to more of what you want. And how to achieve your dream.


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