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boris80Left a successful career in the field of Intellectual Property and Marketing to do what I really love.

Like many of us, since I remember myself I was in search of existential answers. :) Not out of sheer curiousity, but rather because I was torn apart by deep inner conflicts which projected themselves as problems in an outer world. Difficulties in building relationships, getting satisfaction out of small tings, utilizing inner potential, feeling self-confidence… these are only few issues I had been dealing with over the years.

And then I discovered psychological astrology and it literally changed my life. Not in a second, mind you, it's been a conscious process of self-development and getting to know myself better, which I throughly enjoyed, even though it was difficult at times. But it worked wonders in my life. It brought me successful and meaningful relationships in the love life and friendship, high level of self-confidence, goals orientation, the ability to stay focused and the career which I enjoy.

As a result I now believe that we can resolve all problems in life only through ourselves. I know it from the experience. And we key word here is "CAN". I’ve been actively consulting and coaching since 2009 helping people people from different cultures across the world, make life better one step at a time. 

The most successful relationship that you can build is the relationship with yourself. And I can help you do it faster, better and more effectively than you ever thought.

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