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boris80I believe that we can resolve all problems in life only through ourselves. I know it from the experience. Since childhood I was torn apart by deep inner conflicts which later projected themselves as problems in an outer world. Difficulties in: building relationships, building career, utilizing inner potential, feeling content… these are only few issues I had been dealing with over the years. Only by means of self-development I was able to positively resolve many very complicated issues in my life. I engaged in a deep journey into myself in search for answers and later understood that I want and can successfully help others find their answers too. People started to approach me for assistance in finding the direction in their lives, to reveal their answers (which differ from one person to another) and reach their goals. Thus I found my true calling, which is "helping people help themselves" and live a happier life. I’ve been actively consulting and coaching since 2009 across the world, in different languages to people from different cultures. I have accumulated thousands of frontal hours with clients on different issues in both personal counselling and group trainings and seminars.

I’ve been able to make (and continue making) very deep and substantial positive changes in my life. And since I did it, I believe that everyone else can do it too, sometimes it just takes proper assistance. That is why I am here for you. Contact me now for private session!

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